Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Why didn't I start doing this sooner?!"

In the last few months I've started getting into the habit of buying large packages of on-sale meat and separating it out into smaller chunks before freezing it. It started with ground beef, when the store I frequently shop at would have sales on "family packs" but smaller packages would be regular price. It's super easy to open the whole package, take out what I need for that evening's dinner, then put the rest in containers in one-pound chunks for the freezer.

Then I started doing it with steaks. Same thing -- family packs would be the only ones on sale. So we eat 2 steaks that night, save 2 steaks for later. Then I wanted *cheaper* steaks for fajitas or stroganoff. Well if I'm cutting up some meat into small chunks for dinner that night, why not cut up the whole family pack since my cutting board and knife are already dirty?! So now I have bags of meat in the freezer ready to thaw and use! The time-consuming part is already done!

Which brings me to today's shopping trip, and the reason I thought of writing this post. It's "Wild & Wacky Wednesday" at our local store, which features really good deals on a few items for that day. I wanted something to grill for dinner tonight, and found some boneless pork loin chops on sale for $2.49 a pound. I almost picked up a package, when I saw a featured W&WW item. Half a pork loin for $1.89 a pound. I brought it home, cut it up into chops (during which I looked at my husband and asked why didn't I start doing this sooner in our marriage?!), grilled up a few for dinner, and now have a bag of individually wrapped chops for 2-3 more meals.

Now I just need more than my little freezer above the refrigerator for when I come across more great deals like this one... :)

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Jessica said...

i love doing this! It makes dinner time so much easier, and I've found it also helps us eat less meat because I portion it out when I want to, not when I'm trying to get dinner on the table and am too lazy/impatient to separate it and just don't care and end up cooking the whole package. I also like that I can make the packages flatter and square-er (is that a word?) so they fit in the freezer better!

The Kelster said...

ooo!! Just saw this! Did you know that the meat counter folks (I suppose the "butchers") will cut up meat for you? I haven't used them much, but when I have it's been a snap! I did pork loin into chops...and let them do the sawing...wayyyy faster! Thanks for the good reminder to save $$ and make meals quick!!

The Kelster said...

PS - and that was no charge to have them do it. :)

Ali said...

I have been doing this as well! I have been buying my chicken in bulk at Costco and separating it into 3-4 meals. I have to start looking closer at the sales. Sometimes meat is cheaper on sale than in bulk.

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