Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Saturday 7

So I'm stealing borrowing this idea from Sadie over at Lovin' Life with Lucy. Every Saturday she posts 7 things that happened during the previous week. I like the idea, since there are usually fun little things that happen in our lives that I don't feel are quite worthy of a whole post about that one thing... :)

1. Abby has picked up on a few more signs this week. A couple months ago she learned to shake her hands in the air for all done, and the really helpful one was to put her hand over her mouth (often smacking her face!) when she's hungry. There are a number of signs I've been doing around her, hoping she'd catch on, and of course the ones she just learned are the ones I haven't been practicing that much! She started seeing pictures of dogs in books and will stick out her tongue and pant. One night I told her it was bath time and she rubbed her hand up and down her torso (the real sign uses both hands, but oh well!). Then just yesterday I complained how hot the laptop was sitting on my lap, and she came over and started blowing air at me (like when you're trying to cool down a piece of food or something). So cute!

2. She still only has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom). But she's been drooling buckets this week, so I'm really hoping there are a few more ready to come out. Just as long as they don't give her a high fever like last time...

3. I've been in quite the garage-saleing mood. Yesterday I walked to the end of our subdivision where about 10 houses were having sales. It made me want to host my own (maybe next year!), but also got me thinking about what I'm going to need for Abby's clothes for this coming fall and winter. Hopefully over the next couple weeks I can stock up and not need to buy any clothes for her again until garage-sale-season next year, but it so hard to know what sizes she'll be wearing -- will she continue to be big, and have me needing 3T by next spring, or will her growth finally slow down and she'll wear 24month all winter long?? (we're currently in 18 month stuff!)

4. The three of us watched the final launch of a space shuttle yesterday. I even got a video of Abby watching it. I remember being fascinated by space when I was in elementary school. I did a science fair project on the space shuttle program in 4th grade, I even made a model of the shuttle and fuel tanks that were attached by velcro so they could separate when they blasted off.

5. I really wish I was in Colorado right now. This weekend is the Annual GEMS Leaders Conference, and it's in Ft. Collins this year. They're going to have speakers like Lisa Harper and Ray Vanderlaan. I was the only one from my church who was able to go, and I couldn't justify spending our GEMS funds on just me. Next summer it will be in Chicago though, so our club is DEFINITELY making plans to go!

6. I picked my first few servings of green beans from my garden! They were soooooo yummy. I already can tell I won't have enough to freeze for use over winter -- everything I've picked fresh so far we've eaten for dinner. :) I'll need to plant 5x more beans next year...

7. Rocky's sister got married last Sunday. I might make a whole post about it, but just in case I don't... It was beautiful. So fun. Rocky played piano, and he & I sang "Dancing in the Minefields" for their unity sand song. Yes I said unity sand. It was such a cool idea -- taking two vases of sand and pouring them together. And Abby was the flower girl.


Sadie VK said...

Woohoo! Feel free to steal from me anytime. ;-)

Lucy's 5th tooth just popped through this week. Glad she's not the only late teether!

I love garage saleing too, but I totally know what you mean about estimating sizes for the future. So frustrating. I can't believe Abby's so big! Are you and/or Rocky tall?

She makes an adorable flower girl!!

Carrie Roer said...

We're actually pretty average. I'm about 5'7" and Rocky's about 6'. I have a pretty long torso for my height though (I always have to adjust rearview mirrors up, in our car or other peoples'), and Rocky has long legs... so maybe she got both of those! :-P She definitely did get the long torso though, I don't like putting her in onesies anymore because they look so strange -- stretched from top to bottom and baggy in width!

Rachel said...

What we do with garage sales is put several families together (usually me, my sister, and my mom for starters, then maybe her mom-in-law, mine, and a few more siblings) - when you combine a few things from several families, you can get a pretty impressive amount of stuff (and you also have a choice of whose house has the best location! :P ). We have a "no returns policy" - if we were willing to part with it to sell, it stays gone, and we take everything to Goodwill that didn't sell. We also don't mark anything, and have people make an offer, or suggest a price and barter.

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