Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Saturday 7: July 16-22

1. It's been HOT this week. I read on one of the local news station's page that Tuesday through Thursday was the hottest 3-day stretch we've had since July 1995. Boy do I remember that heat wave too -- my first year in 4H at the county fair!

2. Abby is becoming such a water-loving baby. We spent a couple evenings at the lakehouse, and she loves to "swim" around with us in her lifejacket, or go kayaking, or get pulled around in a tube. The other day I filled her turtle sandbox with water and she kept climbing in and out and splashing and having a grand ol' time!

3. She's regressed on some of her sign language. "More" is the only sign she makes for food or drink. She's more likely to go and pull on the fridge door if she's hungry or thirsty.

4. Yet she's picked up on some new signs. Sleep/nap/bed came really quickly, and she pats the top of her head for hat. In fact, the other day we were looking at a book about cats, which I usually call "kitties", and she said something that kinda sounded like "cat", so I tried to tell her how "cat" and "kitty" are the same thing. "Kitty cat." She looked at me funny and patted the top of her head. No, Abby, that's hat, not cat. :)

5. Abby is fascinated with shoes. I got her some pink Crocs at a yard sale a few weeks ago, which are big on her (I was thinking ahead to next summer). She discovered them, and loves them. She tries to put them on her feet herself. I end up helping her, then she waddles around the house with over-sized Crocs on her feet. Too cute.

6. I made a stupid mistake Thursday night. I'd turned on the sprinkler in the front yard in the evening, and after awhile I moved it to another section of the yard. And promptly forgot all about it. I woke up at 4:45 in the morning to the sound of the spigot knob being turned. Rocky had run out to turn it off. Oops.

7. We're considering getting an mp3 player. I want something that can store all of our music (currently ~13gb), and the audio Bible I have (~5gb), and have room for additional music and the occasional audio book. So that when we're on the road or walking or running we can choose to listen to anything we own. Not really interested in any of the fancy apps and such available on an ipod touch. Just something that can store music, for less than $200. Thoughts?

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Meagan said...

Sounds like a fun day!

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