Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Saturday 7: September 10-17

  1. It's been a rough week for Abby. Almost every night this week she's woken up crying at some point in the early morning hours. And not just a whimpering cry, it's been a full-blown shrieking cry like she's really scared or in pain or something. I'd give it a few minutes then go in to get her, and she'd always be still laying down or sitting up, but never standing waiting for me... The only way I could get her to calm down would be to hold her tight and rock her. She'd usually relax and go right back to sleep. But last night was really rough. Rocky and I alternated for an hour going in and calming her down. We tried to let her cry it out too (it worked well when she was young), but she'd just work herself up even more. We're not sure what's going on. :(
  2. Maybe it's her teeth? She finally popped out her 5th tooth at the beginning of the week, her other bottom right incisor.
  3. On a happier note, I'm loving her "baby babble"! She still doesn't say many words, but she's just recently started chattering in that cute, incomprehensible language that you can tell SHE knows exactly what she's saying!
  4. It's been a really busy week. Rocky had one tennis match, I had my last GEMS workshop, and we had 2 nights of meetings at church. I have this feeling of relief that the worst is over for this fall, but we'll see...
  5. We finally got our babysitting/daycare figured out for the 2 days a week that I work. We will consistently have the same person to watch Abby on Wednesdays and another person on Fridays. It's such a load off my mind!
  6. Wiffleball is fun. We played with some friends last night. It's a great sport because people who are actually good at baseball/softball can screw up, and people who aren't very good at baseball/softball can get some good hits. :)
  7. I love fall. 'Nuff said.
  8. GO GREEN!!!
(ok I know that was 8 things, but I have to show my support for my alma mater. :)

The Saturday 7: Post seven things that happened to you this week. Just a quick summary. Things you might not necessarily write a whole blog post about. Idea taken from Sadie's Lovin' Life with Lucy.


Rachel said...

When our boys would wake up screaming, I would make sure to pray, using the name of Jesus several times, and/or sing a song that has "Jesus" in it. When I tell people this, it sounds like I use it as a "good luck charm" or whatever, but I do it because I believe in the power of Jesus' name. I do believe evil spirits can bother our children (if only as a way to bother their parents - it seems like my boys wake up worst on Saturday nights, since I have to lead worship Sunday mornings), and His name will send them packing.

Carrie Roer said...

Great idea Rachel, thank you!

Brandi said...

awe, i hope your little one is feeling better. i can imagine how much it aches your heart to see her in pain. take care...

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