Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new blogging adventure!

Well folks, here we go! After participating in Blogelina's Profitable Blogging Class last month, I've decided to do some splitting. I started a brand-new blog (visit!) that will focus on posts about the Home, Garden, and Food. That way I can advertise it a little more around the blogging world as a niche blog, and if I ever decide to get a few ads and sponsors it will be easier since it's specialized!

But never fear! This blog here will continue! Here I will continue to write posts about our family and the adventures of Abby, and continue things like Musical Mondays, book reviews, and the Saturday 7. A little more of a family-focused, mom-blog.

So if you'd still like to read my posts about home, garden, and cooking, hop on over to In the sweet sunshine and follow me there! (plus I jumped in and created a Facebook page and Twitter profile for the new blog! check those out too! :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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