Monday, January 10, 2011

Musical Mondays: Ancient Words

We sang this song in church yesterday. I'd never heard it before coming to Oakwood, and now it's one of my favorites. I love the piano arrangement, and the violin pieces, and the catchy tune (I have a thing for 6/8 time :) ), and the great lyrics.

The sermon yesterday was about God's Word, and desiring to read it. I have to admit, when Pastor Ron was finished, I wanted to just sit and read my Bible the rest of the day! It is definitely a part of my life that's lacking. I'm doing a Bible study with some other gals from church on the book of Esther, and we take a week at a time to go through one chapter (although we're meeting every other week, so we really have 2 weeks to accomplish 5 days of study :) ). It's amazing the things I'm learning when I slow down and dig deep into a few verses at a time! It's something that I have a desire to do, I just don't do it...

I just struggle with doing it every day. I'm such a lists-schedule-task-oriented person, I need to carve out a schedule that says I'm going to do it at xx:xx time every day... so I can focus on those "Ancient words, ever true, changing me and changing you. They resound with God's own heart, oh let the ancient words impart!"

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