Monday, May 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering!

We had decided awhile ago we'd like to use cloth diapers on our girl... I've been doing some research the last couple of weeks and finally ordered some today! It's amazing how things have progressed since I was a little one in cloth. I don't even know if disposables were around when I was young. Then it seemed EVERYONE was using disposables for awhile, and now it looks like cloth is making a comeback.

There are so many options to choose from, including all-in-ones, pockets, one-sizes, fitted, prefolds, etc. etc. it was overwhelming at first! But I talked to a few people who CD and made a couple visits to some local shops and was able to (hopefully!) discover what would work best for us. I'm starting with the "Flip" System and seeing how it goes...

Yes I'll be doing laundry every couple of days, but since I'll be staying home I'll have the time. And while the start-up cost is pretty high, overall I'll be saving $$ (especially since I'm washing them myself and not using a diaper service). Plus it's that much less junk to go into landfills, and less chemicals next to my baby's bum. And nothing beats hanging things out on the line to dry on a beautiful spring/summer day... :)

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