Friday, June 17, 2011

My girl is famous!

One of my first posts in Book Talk Tuesday/Thursday was about one of Abby's favorite books - Ten Little Ladybugs. I often think of this blog as a little thing that not many people really read (<---- based on my '15' followers...), so imagine my surprise when I got a comment on that particular post:

"Hi! I work for the publisher of Ten Little Ladybugs, Piggy Toes Press. If you'd like, we can make Abby our fan of the week and send you a free book. Email me at ...... if you are interested!"

How cool is that?? So we were in touch, and here you have it: my Abby-girl is Piggy Toes Press's Fan of the Week!! Thank you thank you Piggy Toes Press!!


Sadie VK said...

That's so awesome!! I wonder how they found your blog? I'm always surprised by the people who find me, too. Haha.

Angie Sylvester said...


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