Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I need your input!!

Ahhh it's finally here! The last day of school! Both Rocky and I will be done by noon tomorrow! And while I have to work once or twice a month and Rocky will have some tennis practices to go to, we've got soooooo much more free time! Yay for being married to a teacher!!

So that brings up the question -- what do we DO?! I find amazing blog posts like this one and this one and this ebook and get so inspired!! But then I think... I have a one-year-old. Boo. She can't appreciate most those things. :-(

So I feel stuck. I want to be "intentional" and plan activities and outings and things for our family. I don't want us to sit on the computer and watch Abby play with her toys and discover summer is half over and we've been lazy.  I'm a natural planner, and Rocky likes to have a plan for any given day.

I need your input!! What should we do this summer?? What activities can we do, what places can we go, with a one-year-old?? Help!!!


Ed / Julie said...

Zoos, parks, water areas...all wonderful for a one-year-old. Try messy crafts like sidewalk chalk and then get a foam paint brush and a bucket of water and let her paint over her chalk and see it get dark. I remember my one-year-old's just painting the sidewalk with water and loving it! Dye large pieces of pasta and have her string them on a necklace - or Fruit Loops! On a rainy day, make a hopscotch on the floor in your hallway out of masking tape and practice jumping and hopping! Keep her on her schedule so that you and your DH can have evenings to sit outside and enjoy each other's company. Have date night at home after she goes to bed! Enjoy your summer!
~Julie Ball

Carrie Roer said...

Great ideas! Thanks Julie!!

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