Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday: Ten Little Ladybugs

Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth has quickly become one of Abby's favorites books. I'm not sure if it's because of the cute 3-dimensional ladybugs on each page, or the lulling rhyme, or the colorful pages, but she settles right in on my lap when I read it to her (most of the time...). The boardbook format also makes it possible for her to turn the pages herself. "...along came a butterfly, and then there were..." and I lightly hold up the page for her to grab and turn.

I have to admit, the very first time I read the book, I wondered what the heck was going on when all these creatures were appearing and the ladybugs were disappearing... This is a kids book, they're not getting eaten, are they?!

Another of Abby's favorites with a similar concept is Eight Silly Monkeys by Steve Haskamp. We received both of these books as shower gifts, and I think they will be part of our library for a long time. I can just imagine Abby reading along and learning to count backward!

When we were at Frederick Meijer Gardens last week visiting the butterfly exhibit, I was in the gift shop and wanted something for Abby to "remember" her first trip there. Lo and behold, I found another of Melanie Gerth's books, called Good Night Sweet Butterflies! Perfect! This one was all about colors, and while Abby does enjoy looking at the pictures now, I think she'll really like it in a couple years when she starts learning her colors.

One of my New Year's resolutions has been to read to Abby every day -- these books sure are helping me accomplish that goal!!


Urban Earthworm said...

I am so going to look that book up! I have a thing for insects, and for books! Though, at this point Flintstone is much more into eating books than reading them.

Rachel said...

My younger son (17 months) loves Ten Little Ladybugs, too! It has a great rhythm; I hate it when books try to rhyme, but don't quite make it.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I confess - I don't read yours often, but by your posts, I'm guessing you and I are a lot alike. I hope your day (and evening) was blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I work for the publisher of Ten Little Ladybugs, Piggy Toes Press. If you'd like, we can make Abby our fan of the week and send you a free book. Email me at lee.becknell@piggytoespress.com if you are interested!

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