Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musical Mondays (belated): May I Have This Dance

So with Valentine's Day falling on a Monday, I suppose I should make a sweet, romantic Musical Monday post. :) (even if it's a day late -- see my Facebook status for my busy day yesterday!)

Maybe it's your laughter

Maybe it's the magic of your smile
Maybe you're an angel
'Cause hope is always dancing in your eyes
I can't imagine a more beautiful girl than you
May I have the honor of sharing a melody or two

May I have this dance
May I lead you across the floor
May I take your hand
And spin you around and round once more
May I hold you close
Before this evening is through
May I have this dance with you

Do you hear the music
Do you like the way they play our song
Do you know how much I love you?
Baby, I could hold you all night long
So close to heaven
My dreams have already come true
I'll treasure this moment
'Cause I'm making a memory with you

It was August of 2002, and Rocky had just gotten home from 11 weeks in Boulder Colorado on a Student Venture Summer Project (I went on the same Project the following summer!). We had been dating since February, so we had spent 4 months together followed by 3 months apart. Our group of college friends planned a get-together at my roommate Mandy's home near Frankenmuth, where a 2-night Christian music concert was happening. I honestly can't remember if Relient K was the first night or the second... but the other night featured Selah and Scott Krippayne (quite a variety, huh? yep, this is my taste in music!). Scott introduced this song, which I had never heard before, and Rocky reached over to take my hand. I knew right then that even though we had only been dating a little less than 7 months, if we were to get married, this would be our first dance song.

And, three years later, it was.

Musical Mondays -- Pick a song, post the song, tell why you love the song -- idea yoinked from cheap wine and cookies

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