Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday: Big Red Barn

While Goodnight Moon is supposed to be the "classic" children's bedtime book, I wasn't very fond of it the first time I read it. Or the second. Or the third. I will admit it's growing on me a little. But not much. Maybe once Abby is older and can identify the things in the book.

My favorite bedtime book has actually been one called Big Red Barn. (wow I JUST realized it's by the same author as Good Night Moon. Hmm...) I think I was initially drawn to it because of the subject. Many of you know I grew up being really involved in 4H and FFA, and had what I like to call a "mini-farm." We had chickens and rabbits and goats and a few 4H sheep and cattle here and there. Not to mention my college degree is in Agriscience with the Animal Science specialization. So yes, I love animals. Especially farm animals.

The book is about the animals who live in the big red barn and what they do all day, told in simple rhymes. The pictures are very colorful and simple as well, and the last few pages get darker and darker as the sun goes down. We have this one in the board book format, and Abby loves to turn the pages herself.

All in all, it's a great kid's book that I highly recommend, especially if you've read Good Night Moon a few too many times! :)

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Rachel said...

So weird.... We have several of the same books - ones that I've never heard of before we got them as gifts or second hand.
I love Big Red Barn! My boys love it too. I've only read Goodnight Moon once (we don't own it), but wasn't impressed - one of those, "Why is this considered a classic again?" Classics in our house are anything having to do with animals or tractors.

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