Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...are we ready??

Ten days till my due date. 10. Diez. Dix. Tien. X. So basically I could go into labor at any time. Baby's birthday will probably be sometime in the next week and a half. Are we ready??

  • crib/changing table/glider chair set up -- check
  • some clothes washed and waiting -- check
  • cloth diapers -- should arrive today! disposables on hand for the beginning
  • our own laundry caught up -- check
  • dishes caught up -- check
  • hospital bag packed -- check
  • diaper/baby bag packed -- check
  • friends and family on speed dial -- check
Physically, I'd say yes, we're ready to go. Emotionally... the confidence comes and goes. Currently, at this exact moment, I do feel ready to have her OUTSIDE my belly, in my arms, watching her grow. I'm ready for my body to start getting back to normal, I'm ready to have a real reason to spend my days at home, I'm ready to see what color hair and eyes she has. I'm ready to be on the "other side" of everything.

Yet at other times I feel soooo not ready. Not ready for constant feeding, not ready for diaper changes, not ready for getting up multiple times a night. Not ready to have another human being relying completely on me as her only means for survival. Not ready to give up the ability to go somewhere or do something on a moment's notice. 

"Come out!!!" Rocky says to my belly. We have another checkup this afternoon. We'll see how ready SHE is...

1 comment:

Rocky Roer said...

"Not ready to have ANOTHER human being relying completely on me as her only means for survival."

I'm not relying completely on you -- I poured my own coffee and put my own toothpaste on the brush this morning. Oh wait, I didn't brush my teeth this morning, never mind.

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